Rent a Christmas Tree

An average of 8 million cut Christmas Trees are consumed in the UK every single year and with no environmentally friendly way of disposing of your cut tree we thought its time to do some thing about it!

Our concept is very simple, Order online or visit our Christmas Tree store, select your tree, give it a name, treat it well with water daily and ...... have an amazing Christmas, then return the tree to us, if you love the tree have the exact same one back the following Christmas, just slightly taller.

  • Select your Tree type-Premium (Nordmann Fir) or Standard (Norway Spruce)

  • Select your size Measured from the floor to top of the leader

  • Collect in store (GL5 5BX) or have delivered and collected

  • Water your tree half a litre of water per day from the tray provided and return to us after Christmas with the option of having the same tree again the following Christmas